3 Languedoc-Roussillon Wines for Winter

  - January 21, 2015

During those long winter evenings, what better way to warm ourselves up with a glass of wine ! For this purpose, we love the thick, full-bodied and rich wines from the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Let’s present a selection of three wines from this beautiful location.

Warm, fruity and spicy reds from southern France do the job pretty well. A typical « GSM blend » Grenache-Syrah-Mourvèdre from the Languedoc Mediterranean vineyard would be our first choice : try a « Pic-Saint-Loup » fruity, full-bodied and charming red !

Going further south bring us to some little hills, overlooking the sea, close to the city of Narbonne. Delicious spicy dry whites made in the « La Clape » terroir, with Roussanne and other local grapes, are our best recommendations. The anise and lemons tastes will remind you the warm and sunny Mediterranean atmosphere.

Then, let’s continue our way south in the Roussillon region, in the hinterland of Perpignan, and make a stop in the Maury vineyard. There, the reds are fortified like Port wines. They are sweet and made with the Black Grenache variety. These wines present hints of dried fruit and coffee. Old vintages Maury are unbelievable. Try them with a piece of chocolate and your winter evenings will be much enjoyable !

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