3 unexpected French whites

  - November 17, 2016

What about surprising your French colleagues, friends or familly, by serving them some French white wine, whose existence they might probably not know !

The following three villages are famous for their reds, whereas the whites are unknown for a large majority.

  • White Beaujolais

Beaujolais region is famous for its reds, light-bodied and fruity style, made with the Gamay grape. The whites represent 1% of the Beaujolais wines and are made with the Chardonnay grape. These wines are offering sublte aromas of fresh fruits and white flowers.

  • White Chinon

Chinon wines come from the vineyards around the town of Chinon located in the south-west of Tours. The wines are mostly red, which is unusual for the Loire valley. There, only 2% of them are white ! White Chinon is dry and made with the Chenin blanc grape variety, giving pleasant citrus and exotic aromas.

  • White Nuits-St-Georges

In Burgundy, the village of Nuits-St-Georges is best known for its Pinot noir wines, whose many Premier Cru vineyards are rated among the finest in the area. One might also find some whites, made with the Chardonnay grape, representing between 2 and 3 % of the total Nuits-St-Georges. The whites are dry, buttery with honey flavours.

Why not experiencing these whites with us for a surprising Wine Tasting! Let us know and contact us!

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