Visit Vouvray vineyard – Loire Valley

  - January 12, 2017

Visit and interview at Château Gaudrelle

Not only Champagne produces nice sparkling wines in France. Ever heard of Vouvray wines?
Some of the best chenin blanc whites are produced within this Appellation. The Vouvray vineyard is located on the right-bank of the Loire river, in the heart of the Loire Valley. Easily accessible from the city of Tours, a few kilometers heading east.

In the Vouvray vineyard, chenin blanc wines are produced in a range of styles from dry and sparkling to sweet dessert wines.
Alexandre Monmousseau, Owner an Director of Château Gaudrelle in the heart of Vouvray, welcomes us for an interview and of course to share his Brut vintage 2013!

Château Gaudrelle is open all year so no excuse not to come, visit and taste the wines here!
You will find additional information for visit on the winery web site:

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