French Wine Discovery
A 2-hours journey into the world of French Wine



Pharamond Restaurant

Group Size

From 2 to 8 persons


2 hours


(other language on request)


everyday 7pm on booking

Price Range

from 160 euros/person
French Wine
  • Discover and understand the regions, grape varieties and styles
  • Explore Champagne, Burgundy, the Loire valley, Bordeaux, South of France
  • Read and understand a label of any French bottle.
  • Get a few tricks from your sommelier for tasting wine like an expert
  • Get some vocabulary to impress your friends and have fun.
French Culture
  • Service of wines
  • Wine and Food best pairings
  • Traditions
  • Enjoy 6 wines of different regions, styles and grape varieties
  • 3-course dinner menu suggested by your private sommelier
  • Dedicated sommelier
  • Small group (between 2 and 8 persons)

The wine tasting dinner takes place at the Pharamond restaurant in the center of Paris. The place is a beautiful and historical venue from La Belle époque. The address is 24 rue de la Grande Truanderie, 75001 Paris


You will start you wine tasting enjoying some Champagne in the old wine cellar. Then you will join a historic private room to continue the wine tasting and enjoy your dinner. Vegetarian and gluten-free dishes possible on request before the event

Select Number 160 euros/person

For a wine tasting in another language, please contact usAn invoice will be sent to you by email (Paypal form) to validate your reservationK


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